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SEM Search Engine Marketing Services

SEM Web Services,† one of the leading SEO companies in India, offers multiple programs in its Search Engine Marketing Services package. †The SEM package includes both organic (Search Engine Optimization) and inorganic (Paid Inclusion & Pay per Click) services. Below is a description of the inorganic SEM services provided by SEM Web Services:

Paid Inclusion Services: SEM Web Services executes Paid Inclusion Programs on your behalf, letting your website become indexed in the paid inclusion programs run by search engines like Inktomi, Altavista, Fast Lycos, Teoma, Ask Jives, etc. A paid inclusion program requires comprehensive study that† we, as professionals,† †are happy to perform for our clients. Our extensive experience with Paid Inclusive Programs assures our clients better rankings and the best search engine results.

Pay Per Click Services: As part of its SEO Services, SEM Web Services India offers special Pay Per Click management that guarantees top listings of your businessí website in search engines, advertising networks, on quality content websites and blogs.

Pay Per Click, the sponsored link or advertisement programs run by Google (Google Adwords) and Yahoo (Overture), are based on keywords as they are typed in by visitors of the search engines. Under the Pay per Click program, the sponsored results for specific keywords are being displayed simultaneously with the results of the search engine, in related content websites or on blogs. The price of these sponsored links is based on bidding. The minimum amount is dependent on the per click basis for a number of clicks. The PPC campaign budget is set in advance and after the budget is finished, the sponsored links will automatically be removed from the listings.

SEM Web Services offers Pay per Click services for all the major advertising networks: Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing (Overture) and the MSN ad centre.

SEM Web Services offers two types of PPC campaigns: the Keyword/Sponsored Match and the Content Match campaign. Keyword Match campaign results are displayed in the organic search results of the major search engines, whereas Content Match campaigns are executed on publisher sites and in newsletters and emails. The PPC listings are advertised locally, nationally and/or internationally.

When executed by non-professionals, a PPC campaign involves a huge amount of money and extensive, time-consuming research for keywords. To make your PPC campaign more cost-effective and to increase your ROI, SEM Web Services provides professional, dedicated PPC campaign services executed by experienced PPC campaigners. The SEM Web PPC campaigners provide the following services to give you the best ROI (Return on Investment):

1. Keyword Research: This is the most essential part of a PPC campaign, where suitable keyword research is done for a competitive keyword that can generate an instant placement of your advertisment in the search engine results.

2. Tactical Bid Supervision:As an advertiser, you pay a certain amount of money for each click. The skilled PPC professionals at SEM Web Services know how to provide you with the lowest price for the most competitive keywords.

3. Ad Copy-Writing: The selection of suitable keywords for a PPC campaign is accomplished by supporting your advertisment with suitable key phrases that attract the visitorís attention and make him click your link to know more about your services or products.

4. Landing Page Design: We help you to get leads from the sponsored link, by providing consultancy and designing services for a landing page that is being shown to the visitor after he has clicked a sponsored link.

5.Traffic Analysis: SEM Web Services provides traffic analysis services in which the performance of your PPC Campaign is being tracked for further enhancement and improvement of services.

The SEM and SEO professionals at SEM Web Services, the No. 1 Indian SEO Company, promise you the best online business results. For an inquiry feel free to contact us at or to call our friendly customer care executive at +919818610236