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SEM web services offers a wide range of Search Engine Optimization services that employ both the ultra-new and the well-tested On-page and Off-page search engine techniques. The SEO services provided by SEM Web Services help your online business gain leverage over your competitors by providing better placement and more traffic through maximized search engine results.

SEM Web Services uses the following On-page and Off-page SEO techniques while implementing its strategies:

On Page Optimization: The determining factors when setting out an SEO technique and deciding on an on page optimization or an off page optimization are the keywords or keyword phrases. In the indexing process of a search engine, the keywords are the most important ingredient that search engine crawlers are looking for in the process of crawling, indexing and awarding results to a website. SEM Web Services includes the following step-wise procedure in implementing its On Page Optimization strategies:

•Site Analysis: The first step in an on-page optimization process includes the assessment of a site’s performance (in respect of its position and traffic) on various search engines. After the initial estimation of the site, improvements are being suggested for the enhancement of the site’s performance. The suggestions for improvement cover the entire site and include the designing and coding of the website.

•Keyword Research: The next step of the on-page optimization process is doing research on prospective keywords that will enhance the website’s traffic and weight in the search engines. SEM Web Services uses various professional methods and techniques to do this keyword research. The keywords that are being listed are further employed into the title, the metatags, headlines, the content, the alt tags and at every other possible or necessary place of the website. Strategically placed keywords will maximize the website’s performance.

•Designing and Site Structure: There are many factors related to a website’s design that influence the success of the website in terms of traffic and search engine popularity. Examples of factors that can negatively influence a site’s rankings are: the use of frames, the use of flash, poor navigation, bad link structure etc. Due to ignorance, these mistakes often prevent a website from turning traffic towards it. At SEM Web Services we pay due consideration to the shortcomings in design and structure. We are happy –in consultancy with our client- to restructure our clients’ websites in line with the search engine algorythms.

•Coding: Sometimes, despite the on-page optimization, re-designing and search engine friendly measures, all the optimization efforts are in vain. When a site does not even get indexed on Google or any other search engine, the problem often lies with the coding, the use of flash, frames, or Java in the site’s web structure. The coding services at SEM Web Services rectify all of these drawbacks and are of great help for websites, especially sites that are database-driven and dynamically built such as shopping websites and e-commerce sites.

•Content Writing: The content of a website provides the visitor with information about the services and products of the business. The content of a website plays a vital role in the search engine indexing process. Well-optimized, keyword-rich content drives ample traffic towards a website. Besides the traditional, static content, nowadays media files and blogs are also extensively used types of content that generate traffic and rankings in the search engines.

Off-Page-Optimization: An off page optimization process is weaved around the incoming and outgoing links that point to websites with a good page ranking. A website that is supported with good anchor texts and original content is always valued high by Google and other search engines. In an ideal link building program the following methods are involved:

•Link Exchange: We provide a link exchange program that is a very popular and often-used method of increasing the link popularity of a website. This method includes the creation of one way links, back links, reciprocal links and a three way linking process.

Link Baiting: A recent and very popular SEO link-building technique is the placement of a piece of fresh and attractive content on various community websites that invites links with a good PR and thus achieves the best search engine results.

Blog Submission: Thanks to their recurring and new content, blogs are very popular with search engines and are therefore used extensively in the link building process. We provide blog-posting services in which a post that describes your products and services, after it is being posted, is being linked back to your online business page.

•Multi Media Formats: The transmission of the content in Video and Pod casts and supported with links, attracts useful traffic to a website displaying your product and services.

•Article and Press Releases Services: This includes the submission of well planned, conceived and written content on various article sites and online news sites. This method turns a huge chunk of traffic along with pointed links to your website.

•Social Networking: This method is unique in its approach of posting and conferencing from the many social networking websites and thereby enhancing the traffic of your website.

The SEM and SEO professionals at SEM Web Services, the No. 1 Indian SEO Company, promise you the best online business results. For an inquiry feel free to contact us at or to call our friendly customer care executive at +919818610236